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  • B”H This movie reminds me of who I was, from the time I saw it when it first came out until about June 1976 when some unpleasant events happened that made me forget… to me, this movie is about who I am, who we really are in my family when things are normal, and what life means to me… and the cruelty of the Russian captain who shot Karana’s father is still lived out by various entitles in various ways… the struggle is still today, and what Karana;s father said about the two forces that inhabilted the ocean, the benevolent one being represented by the dolphins, is stil true today. It is also about how a woman has to live, about what she can do, and abotu what she then cannot do, the limits to what she can actually do, and how her nature may cause her to change her mind. It is a very true story about human nature.

    September 19, 2019 at 2:55 am

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